Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a dirty kick-off!

These days, the biggest hoorah this Momma can look forward to is hooking up with a sassy set of  sheilas, once a month, in order to discuss our fantastical adventures between the sheets! OK, so I don’t mean the kind of sheets you’re thinking of! Although, the odd kiss and tell story may come up from time to time – a group of women drinking wine and eating niblets  – what else do you expect?

Being a diverse and dynamic group of divas, our book picks are very different, ranging from frivolous fluff to classic literature – but really, any book is fair game! Admittedly the heavier prose has been kyboshed recently - I guess so that those of us with permanent baby-brain can still keep up! 

My first review is a great example of one of our fluffier book picks - and a whole lot more than any of us (even our erotica connoisseur - yes, we do have one) bargained for........


Forbidden Pleasure (by Lora Leigh) 
Genre: romance-erotica

WTF: 10/10       Talk about: 10/10       Book Smarts: 3/10       LOL: 7/10       Thumbs up: YES!

This book is by far the most shockingly memorable one I've read since joining my book-club (perhaps ever?) – not surprisingly due to its explicit sexual content!!!

Although not rating super high for its literary value, and containing a shameful number of typos, spelling and grammatical boo-boos to boot (the editor was probably way too distracted), it does contain a prolific amount of pornographic (and eye-popping) prose, and this sizzling best-seller is bound to get your motor racing!

Definitely one for the ladies - although I couldn't resist reading a few perverse passages out loud to my hubbie, stirring up some interesting and welcome sex-capades - our lucky leading lady gets to live out every naughty girl’s most erotic fantasy..... two men... together! And I’m not talking about just having spit-roast for dinner – this one certainly goes the whole hog! I have to admit it's way too much sausage in one sitting for this meat-lover mother!

I gave it a whopping 10/10 on the WTF ratings, and a titillating 10/10 on the talk about ratings. I just couldn't quit yakking on about this juicy page turner to any and every women that was willing to listen! It became a hot –and atrociously inappropriate - topic at library Toddler Time even managing to seduce some 'well up for it' Mommas into joining our brazen bunch of booky broads! It's no comedy - but the shamefully embarrassing tandem action had us worldly and well-read women all giggling like school girls - for that it earns a healthy 7/10 for the LOL ratings.

To give Lora Leigh fair credit, there is a bit of a plot, and a bit of suspense – but really it's just a LOT of shagging – and unfortunately only gets a flaccid 3/10 on the book smarts ratings – but who really gives a f**k?! It's a MUST read for me and I give it an overall 100% Thumbs up! Trust me - you'll never again get this much bang for your buck!!

For this one, I don't recommend purchasing a second pawed copy – if you get my drift.......

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