Thursday, November 1, 2012

Obviously I went to the wrong university!

Beautiful Disaster (by Jamie McGuire )
Genre: romantic fiction

WTF: 8/10      Talk about: 10/10       Book Smarts: 6/10       LOL: 3/10       Thumbs up: YES!

I don't mind admitting I've been addicted to this novel for the past 24 hours! So much so, that I almost put my back out contorting to read it over my baby's suckling head!

And I can't, for the life of me, say why it's so addictive. It just is.

It's not a great plot, it's not hilarious, or suspenseful, or sad - and the writing is more juvenile than both The Hunger Games and Fifty Shades!

Even the sex is rare and mediocre. Although after reading the Fifty Shades trilogy I've got to say I'm spent (for a while) - at least on literary sex. I didn't even make it through the third book!

So what's so captivating about it?!  

Well, there's romance, and fighting, and break-ups, and frat parties, and Vegas! What more can we ask for? (Probably A LOT).

Oh, and there's a BEAUTIFUL disaster. (I hope I haven't given anything away.)

I pictured Jamie McGuire (our authoress) to be a 16 year old school girl dreaming about what she hoped happened at Uni - it turns out she's married with kids (I mean, seriously?)

Maybe she never went to college... or maybe she just wishes that's what it had been like....

I'm with her! Didn't we all want our own hardass bad boy to tame?

I honestly think Jamie had no idea where she was going with the story until she'd finished writing it. It wouldn't have surprised (or disappointed) me if the ending had been;

......and they all died. The End. 

It's like Fight Club, Grease 2 and Maverick (all my favourite movies) mixed up into 416 pages!

Her characters are unreal (I mean really unreal).

Of course he's a slut - a big motorcycle wielding, fighting machine man slut - and she's a cardigan wearing goody-two shoes (you've guessed it) virgin. (Those virgins have ALL the fun!)

The tension is all a big fuss about nothing, and the drama is too melodramatic. It's corny and so cliche.

I. Still. LOVED. It.

I don't mean to bash Jamie - or her beautiful disaster of a novel - too much. That would be a little hypocritical seeing as though I've snubbed my toddlers nearly all morning so that I could hang out with Mad Dog Maddox and his Pigeon....

No - it's not about pigeons. Or mad dogs.

What more can I say, other than; Thank God I've finished it! It's been a while since a book has captivated me to this extent. My totally real 'grown-up' life can now resume!


  1. I love the image of you contorted over your baby's head to read it! Ha! Been there! I may have to check this one out...

  2. My sister told me she LOVED this book! I have so many books I'd love to read, but I too am struggling to get thru the 3rd 50 Shades! So close to giving up!!!!